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    Agenhor is also an expert at creating retrograde movements. This special movement allows the hands to trace an arch along the dial, before returning to its original position in an instant and beginning its next arc in a graceful, fluttering dance. These innovations were used by many Poetic Complication watches. The retrograde movement,Chopard Replica for example, is featured in several Lady Arpels Pons des Amoureux watches. It also appears in Lady Arpels Feerie watches. Each watch has its own story. Two lovers approach one another on the Pont des Arts. They stop for a brief kiss at noon and midnight before being flung back to their respective bridges to begin their journey again.

    Enchanted Movement

    tudor replica watches introduced the Midsummer Night's Dream collection in 2003. This was a stunning and magical tribute to playful and impish fairies. The collection featured graceful poses and delicate wings that are raised in mid-flight as they fly through the enchanted forest. The Maison created the Lady Arpels Feerie watch two years later by combining the fairy motif, which is a symbol for femininity and mischief with the complex retrograde movement.

    Lady Arpels Feerie Rouge

    The dial features a fairy-like diamond-set fairy that watches over time. Her face is represented by an oval-cut diamond. The fairy uses her magic wand to indicate the hours and the length of her gossamer wings to indicate the minutes. The Lady Arpels Feerie watch has two parts. Agenhor's retrograde section is mounted upon a Jaeger LeCoultre movement with a 30 hour power reserve. The watch is made in white gold and features round diamonds at the bezel.Tudor Replica It also has a red or bleu enamel dial with guilloche engraving. This enhances the luminosity of the dial and sets the stage for the magical appearance of the diamond fairy.

    Take a look at the stars

    This year's Lady Arpels Planetarium is the sequel of the highly acclaimed Midnight Planetarium. It has been hailed by many as the best tudor replica watches horological creations. The 38mm watch is made from white gold and features a dial of aventurine. This sparkling blue stone has been increasing in popularity in recent years. The charm is still the miniature planetarium. A pink mother-of pearl bead for Mercury, green enamel to Venus, turquoise for Earth, and a diamond on the Moon make up the miniature.

    The planets move at their actual speed, just like the old version.Rolex Replica But this watch has a new feature: the Moon rotates around Earth in 29.5 days. This celestial dance is something you can witness with your own eyes every day. The time is displayed gracefully around the dial's periphery with a shooting star in rhodium plated gold. The watch doesn't stop there - if you don't first become captivated by the oscillating weight with diamonds in a crescent and a turquoise orb, you can turn it upside down and you'll see two apertures that display the year, month, and day.

    Lady Arpels Planetarium (Image: Tim Moldenhauer)

    Are you eager for the next chapter of Maison? We are too. Luckily, the Maison will continue to amaze us with its stunning creations, and we'll always be rereading this classic book.

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